The speech of the new man Part 1
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Delivered By
Pastor Douglas Graham
Delivered On
July 22, 2018
Central Passage
Col. 4:2
31min - The new man has a new mouth, the power of the tongue, devote yourself to prayer, keep praying, prayer team, four kinds of prayer, thankful prayer, power in prayer!


08-01-2018 at 9:18 AM
Im reminded of lt. Dan on forrest gump. He questioned whether or not God was listening and put him to the test fighting within himself about the tragedy he had faced in war and losing his legs. He thought it was ridiculous that God was listening because he only knew sufferring. After some time passed and he asked Forest where is this God you've been praying to and a great storm destroyed several boats and businesses in their area accept their boat. They became the leading business in shrimping. Bubba Gump Shrimp. After time Lt. Dan made peace with God accepting he was legless and ALIVE. He then thanks Forrest for saving His life. So Forrest in innocence prayed for shrimp and through a great storm not only did great multitudes of shrimp come to them but also His friend made peace with God. Prayer is Powerful! and God is Listening. So then dont be surprised or upset when storms come when expecting answers to them! Sometimes Storms bring with them the VICTORY.
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